Want To Buy a New Chevy Bolt EV, Chevy Volt Before Credits Expire? Here’s What You Need to Know

Just as Tesla hit its 200,000th eligible plug-in car sold in the U.S. under current Federal Tax Code — causing a slow ramp-down in tax credits for Tesla customers buying a new car — so too has Chevrolet (General Motors) hit its 200,000th plug-in vehicle.

This means that come April first, the amount of total tax credits that can be claimed by new owners of a Chevrolet Bolt EV or Chevrolet Volt halves from its original amount to three thousand seven hundred and fifty U.S. Dollars.

Thankfully, there’s still time to get those full credits if you act quickly. But should you? And what should you expect when buying a new Chevrolet in the next six weeks?

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