Could This Concept Car From FIAT Revolutionize The Way We Build Electric Cars?

There are generally two types of concept cars made by automakers: Those which look conventional enough (and functional enough) to be pre-production prototypes; and those which look so outlandish that it’s unlikely they will ever see the dealer forecourt as a production car in their current form.

The Fiat Centoventi electric concept — which debuted last week at the Geneva Motor Show — certainly fell into the latter group thanks to its futuristic, minimalist interior and its user-customizable exterior.

But this week we learned that Fiat Chrysler is readying a next-generation electric-only Fiat 500 which will feature some of the Centoventi’s ideas. And we think there’s only one that’s worth transferring: its modular battery pack.

Is Fiat Chrysler about to become the first automaker to produce an electric car with a modular battery pack you can easily expand for long-distance trips?

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