Someone Threw Faraday Future A Life Preserver: Will It Sink Or Swim?

Once upon a time, Faraday Future was setting itself up to be the next big thing in the electric car startup world, with plans to introduce its high-end, super-luxury FF-91 to market and reinvent the way we owned and drove cars.

But after years of financial woes and major scaling back of its original plans, the company is struggling for its very existence, with most of its original staff laid off or working for low pay. It’s had rescue attempts in the past, only for them to fall flat — but now there’s a new one in the form of The9, a Chinese game company.

It wants to build an electric car with Faraday Future called the V9, and it’s ready to invest $600 million to do so.

Will this latest attempt to save Faraday Future from drawing work, or will it end up at the bottom of the ocean? Watch the video above to find out, like, comment and subscribe, and support us using the links below.

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