Hyundai Kia’s Smartphone App For Performance Tweaks: Smart or Stupid?

Everyone knows that on-board connectivity and remote telematics make electric vehicle ownership fun and easy. These systems also bring with them some fun perks too — such as being able to defrost your car on a winter day without going outside to manually scrape ice.

But as more and more electric cars hit the market we’re starting to see more and more ways in which automakers are trying to give themselves a competitive edge against everyone else.

The latest? Hyundai Kia, which has said that its cars in the future will come with a companion smartphone app that lets you tweak motor performance, accelerator response and more from your smartphone, essentially duplicating what’s already possible in the vehicle but remotely.

Things like remote telematics to check on state of charge seem to have a tangible benefit in the real world. But Hyundai Kia’s latest development seems overkill. In a future where cars won’t be owned but shared, the Korean company says we’ll be able to customize fleet cars to our tastes before we get in. But for now, is it smart or stupid?

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