Nikola Wants To Revolutionize The Trucking World With These Two Hydrogen Electric/Battery Electric Trucks. Will It?

Just over a week ago, we headed off to Nikola World in Scottsdale, Arizona, where we  Nikola Motor Company showcased its vision for the future of electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Originally, the company had intended to just sell hydrogen electric trucks, but these days, it’s promising us a future where hydrogen fuel cell and electric trucks will be offered alongside one another, with either the Nikola Two (North America) or Nikole Tré (Europe) offering an alternative to Diesel-powered big rigs. Rather than declare war on Electric (as many hydrogen supporters have in the past), Nikola says there’s room for both fuels to work alongside one another, with Electric in town and on shorter-haul routes, and hydrogen fuel cell (which while it is less efficient has gains elsewhere) powered by renewably-generated hydrogen doing longer-distance routes. We also got a chance to see the Nikola NZT, an off-road adventure vehicle that will help Nikola diversify away from just Trucks, as well as Nikola’s military-spec, remote-controllable Reckless off-roader.

With the Nikola Two not due until 2022 and the Nikola Tré not expected until 2023, the race is on to ensure Nikola can hit its targets, or it will lose out to Tesla and the Tesla Semi — as well as battery electric short-haulers from companies like Daimler and Peterbilt.

Will it succeed? Can it produce the amount of hydrogen it says it will from Alkaline Electrolysis? Watch the video and let us know in the comments below.

In keeping with standard automotive-industry practice, Nikola paid for flights and accommodation to allow us to bring you this report. Transport Evolved LLC retained all editorial control over filming and editing of this video.

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