Does Tesla Need More Money — And How Might It Get It?

After a profitable second half to last year, Tesla’s started this year by making a pretty big loss. Granted, that loss can be explained (it had lower sales because of export issues and also had to pay off some money it had previously borrowed), but nonetheless, many are expecting Tesla to have its tough start to the year continue into at least its second quarter.

Last week, during the quarterly earnings call for Q1, Elon Musk hinted that, after saying “no” to the idea of raising outside capital for some time, Tesla might now be in a position to start considering some form of capital fundraising.

Tesla backed that up, noting that it may seek sources of ‘alternative funding’ this year.

Extra cash would certainly help Tesla with all of the projects it currently has in the pipeline for production in the next two years — but where might it get that cash from? To answer that, we’re looking at some of the ways it has raised money in the past — and try to guess how it might do so in the future.

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