How Tesla’s Hacking Canada’s Incentive Program For EVs

The Tesla Model 3 is Tesla’s most popular car, helping it reach profitability in the third and fourth quarters of last year. And this year, it’s going on sale in more countries than before.

You’ve been able to buy a Model 3 in Canada for a while now, but at the start of this month a new incentive program began which intends to give Canadians up to $5,000 CAD discount off their new electric car — provided it had an MSRP of less than $45,000 CAD (for less than six seats, $55,000 CAD for seven or more)  — or was a more expensive variant of no more than $55,000 CAD of a vehicle which had an energy-level MSRP of less than $45,000 CAD.

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, Tesla’s special ‘off-menu’ item Model 3, didn’t reach the required price point to enable Tesla customers to take advantage of this incentive program.

So Tesla came up with a very clever solution, essentially hacking the system.

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