Sunday Musing: Just How SHOULD Electric Car Owners Pay Towards Road Upkeep?

In the past week there’s been quite a lot of frustration and anger in the plug-in vehicle world after the news that the state of Illinois is considering a $1,000 annual vehicle registration fee for electric vehicles. (

The reason given? It’s a way for the state to continue collecting money for road upkeep. Without gasoline taxes, EV owners aren’t paying their way, say legislators.

While it’s false to say that gas taxes are the only way road projects are funded, (it’s not: things are a little more complicated than that — it is fair to at least re-examine the fees paid by road users for their use of the road.

But just how do you pay toward road upkeep? Raising local taxes? Operating a pay-as-you-drive  system. Or something else?

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