Why Electric Cars Are About To Go Mainstream

We’ve been hearing about a magic tipping point for electric cars for some time now — a point where the price of electric vehicles have dropped and where enough people are making the switch that plug-ins reach a significant market share point.

In some countries like Norway, that’s already happened thanks to strong incentives and consumer engagement.

Tesla and the Model 3 have also helped drive the number of people making the switch from internal combustion to electric — but we’re about to hit that tipping point for electric cars in large parts of the world, and it’s got very little to do with just one car.

It’s got everything to do with the number of new all-electric models coming to market alongside internal combustion engined counterparts. For the first time, we’re now seeing electricity being offered as a legitimate fuel source alongside other fuels — and rather than be forced to wait for their launch, customers will be able to spec an electric variant from launch.

And that’s very special indeed.

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