Sunday Musing: How Do We Make Up For All Those Flights?

This week, Nikki has been in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  for a bit of a mini-holiday. Pittsburgh is the other side of the U.S. to Portland, Oregon.

While it’s Nikki’s first personal flight of the year — one she’s carbon offsetted already — it’s got us thinking about Transport Evolved’s carbon footprint. We’re often asked to fly to different parts of the world to cover new cars and cleaner, greener, safer, smarter technology — which feels a little disingenuous given our channel’s content remit.

Just like our friends at Fully Charged, we do everything we can to make up for our flights. But at the same time, our viewers don’t like it if we don’t get to car launches or test drive certain models we can’t get near our home base.

So how do you square the round hole? Are we doing the right thing to carbon offset? Or is there another solution we haven’t thought of? And while we’re carbon offsetting right now using mainly commercial sites (and sometimes direct donations to green projects), is there a better way to offset the CO2 we generate when we travel?

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