Rapidgate Update: Nissan Rolls Out 2018-2019 LEAF Update – But You Have To Ask For It

Ever since the 2018 Nissan LEAF launched in late 2017, we’ve heard stories of LEAF owners frustrated that their brand-new electric car rapid charged just fine once per day — but if you added more rapid charging sessions in quick succession, the car turned down rapid charging power to the point that the car was taking two or maybe even three times the quoted time to charge.

This problem — known as ‘Rapidgate’ (we’ve got an entire playlist here: – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dpwyue9IiBE&list=PL0tVAP7GqUpbBTQE5JzuCuKJ5Vs4RxXrC ) was rectified in Europe thanks to a new software update for affected cars back in 2018. New cars (worldwide, not just in Europe) were given the new update at the factory — but in North America, the European solution wasn’t offered to customers.

It meant that North American early-adopters were stuck with the same rapidgate problem that their European counterparts suffered — but without the software update to fix it.

Now it appears Nissan North America is quietly pushing that update after significant campaigning from owners. here’s what you need to know about it – and why Nissan hasn’t finished its Rapidgate remedial work just yet.

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