Mark Chatterley

Mark before going on stage to do some stand up

Mark before going on stage to do some stand up

Contributing Editor at Transport Evolved

Geek through and through, Mark has always loved technology. When he was younger he would find any and all ways to get access to computers, gadgets and the internet – even going as far as working around the internet block on his school’s computers. When they fixed that exploit, he found another.

I just seem to ‘get’ technology. It makes sense to me. One of the reasons I love electric cars is that they are gadgets on wheels. They follow the ‘computer’ model more than the traditional ‘car’ model and that excites me.

Mark was busy working his way up the corporate ladder, focused on his own life and goals when he got ill. This changed his whole outlook on life:

I realised that I had fallen into the rat race. I was focused on the next job, the next pay rise, the next meeting with free biscuits! Being ill and facing some scary prospects made me realise that I wasn’t doing what I wanted, I was doing what was expected.

I made some changes and here I am. Working with Nikki in an area I love. Trying to get other people to see that the choices they make have an impact. If you’re looking to buy a new or used car, why shouldn’t it be an electric one? If I can make people even consider it as an option, I am helping.

Mark leased a Nissan Leaf when they first came out in the UK and is planning to buy it out at the end of its term. The Leaf has been his main car and he gets jealous whenever his other half drives it.

Mark's Leaf on a trip to the Brecon Beacons.

Mark’s Leaf on a trip to the Brecon Beacons.

I’m still waiting for the day when I won’t have the ‘EV grin’ on my face when getting out of the car. It hasn’t happened yet.

When not working for Transport Evolved Mark can be found working on In Ear Entertainment, his audiobook publishing and podcast production company. He also works freelance as a ‘tech guy’ for hire specialising in using existing systems to solve new problems.

Mark loves making people laugh, be that through his script-writing or, rarely, his stand up.

He hangs around on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ as much as he can. Why not follow him and shoot him a message?