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Michael ThwaiteTechnology and Business Development at Transport Evolved

Michael is our technology guru, digital marketing pro and business development resource. He’s President of Plug In America – a national organization born in 2005 out of the Don’t Crush movement supporting plug in adoption through legislative action and through its nationwide event National Drive Electric Week. He’s also President of the local New Jersey Chapter of the Electric Auto Association – a group founded in 1967 to help enthusiasts convert gasoline cars to electric and to spread the word about the future of transportation.



I grew up in a house full of car parts and grease, a garage that was a workshop and a family that never shied away from adapting what we could find into what we wanted – cars that went faster! *

How could I blend my passion for fast cars with my instinctive frugality? I realised how when I read about the EV1 from General Motors in the 90’s. It came from a land called America – I still lived in England then. When I moved out to live in the New version of Jersey in the USA in 2001 I saw the movie, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” and that was my call to action.

I placed an order for an Aptera EV but was rejected because I was living on the wrong coast. It turned out to be a blessing – If you’ve been around EVs long enough, you’ll know that not all of them make it. Instead I plonked down a deposit on a Tesla Roadster, a life changing decision. The Roadster turned out to be an attention grabber, drawing the unsuspecting into trying something new – once they do, they never feel the same about what a car is supposed to be again.

Going All Electric Means 'All Electric'The Tesla Roadster also helped me connect with other like-minded individuals, something that lead me to join up and support TeslaMotorsClub.com. I quickly discovered through the Electric Auto Association and Plug In America that the community around EVs is tremendous, something that surprises and pleases new owners – “I just didn’t realise that so many new friends came with the car!” commented a friend of mine recently.

I’ve now gone “All Electric.” We said goodbye to our last old fashioned car four and a half years ago and I can report that, it works. A family of four can live without cars that go 1,000 miles on a charge – I suspect that you could too.

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* (Or actually, just went – this was Britain in the 70’s)