Reader Rides: Terms and Conditions

Welcome Contributors to Transport Evolved, we’re very happy that you’ve agreed to contribute your experiences to the community of new drivers out there.

As part of the process, we’d like you to read through the agreement below and confirm acceptance by completing the form, thanks.


Agreement between Transport Evolved LLC (Transport Evolved) and Transport Evolved Reader Rides Contributors.

  1. You will agree to take direct responsibility for any and all content or code created by and/or submitted by you (hereafter referred to as ‘submissions’).
  2. You agree that all of your submissions are completely your own creation and that you and Transport Evolved are legally allowed to publish.
  3. You agree that Transport Evolved is allowed to edit, modify, enhance, and otherwise change any and all submissions for any reason.  Potential changes include but are not limited to grammatical and spelling changes, word choice changes, formatting and content changes or enhancements.
  4. Transport Evolved takes no responsibility for for fact-checking any and all submissions and is not liable for any of the content published in the Reader Rides section of its website.
  5. You grant Transport Evolved sole and indefinite publication and distribution rights.
  6. You agree to assume all liability related to posts made by you on the Reader Rides site, and take it upon yourself to ensure any facts stated are verified by you without bias or subterfuge before submission.
  7. You confirm that all photographs submitted for the Reader Rides section are either your own photographs or that you have permission from the original photographer to use them on Transport Evolved.
  8. You will not post photographs or submissions for Reader Rides posts which contain or make reference to:
    1. Nudity, pornography, lewd behaviour or content
    2. Illegal or criminal activity
    3. Drug use, legal or otherwise
    4. Known falsehoods or embellishments
    5. Inappropriate or antisocial behaviour
    6. Content that would in any way malign or bring into disrepute Transport Evolved, its website or other creations, its employees or directors.
  9. You agree that all photographs or other submissions to Reader Rides may be used elsewhere on the Transport Evolved website without prior notice.
  10. Any submitted content instantly becomes the sole property of Transport Evolved without any restrictions, hindrances, or covenants, implied or otherwise.
  11. Reproductions and/or republication of any submitted content shall require prior authorisation from Transport Evolved.  Any such reproductions and/or publications will require an existing, active, and valid syndication agreement between Transport Evolved and any third party.  This will include personal websites or blogs. Contributors may petition Transport Evolved to be normally permitted to reproduce their own contributions on their own personal, non-commercial website with prior consent and appropriate links to the original Transport Evolved article.
  12. All submissions and photographs will be free from fabrication, exaggeration, and/or other sensationalism of facts.
  13. Submissions must contain bylines from the author which must include the following any and all:
    1. The full name of any and all authors of the content
    2. Potential or current conflicts of interest in associations, such as but not limited to Plug In America, EVA, CNGNow, and similar
    3. Any and all commercial interests in vehicles, fuels, or related technologies
    4. Advocacy groups to which you belong or frequent
    5. Connections to vehicle, energy storage, fuel, fuel cell, or energy production, manufacture, distribution, or sale
    6. Connections to fuel manufacture, distribution, or sale
  14. Byline requirements will not and should not prevent submissions from associated individuals.  Rather, they are intended to provide context and necessary facts to allow the Transport Evolved readers and audience to evaluate any natural bias you and your submissions may or may not have.
  15. Submission bylines may contain, at the discretion of the author and Transport Evolved, any correct and honestly stated details of the author, such as
    1. State or country of residence
    2. Job title or chosen profession
    3. Social media links to Facebook, Twitter, or similar
  16. Any and all personal self-promotion or linking to any product or website within your submission that would create any form of benefit to you commercially or is intended to drive web traffic away from Transport Evolved is strictly prohibited.
  17. Any code or content created with malicious, defamatory, libelous, slanderous, or otherwise detrimental intent or effect to any person or organisation is strictly prohibited.
  18. Any attempt to modify the Transport Evolved site or associated sites through any form of code modification or security exploits is strictly prohibited.
  19. Links to outside, competing news stories or agencies will only be allowed with prior approval of the editorial team.  This will include but is not limited to GreenCarReports, InsideEVs, Autobloggreen, and other similar websites.
  20. Promoting your website or link is allowed only within your author biography by means of a simple text link only back to the relevant website. Other promoting links to third parties are prohibited without prior consent.
  21. Any site you link back to, either in your author biography or in the main body of the article, must meet the same requirements as outlined in section 5. above.
  22. Transport Evolved reserves the right to change any and all of the requirements for contribution at any time and without notice.
  23. Transport Evolved reserves the right to remove any content anywhere on the Transport Evolved website, including but not limited to the Reader Rides section, for any reason and without warning.
  24. Transport Evolved reserves the right to refuse content from anyone.  Transport Evolved is under no obligation to publish, not publish, comment on, or otherwise display any content submitted.
  25. In no way does agreeing to these terms, submitting any content, editing, or publishing and submission create any relationship or condition of employment between Transport Evolved and any contributor.
  26. Under no circumstances does the submission of content, in any form, bind Transport Evolved to any payment or remuneration for said submission or the effort used to create it or any other related work.
  27. Transport Evolved reserves the right to enter into completely separate, distinct, and in no way related agreements for paid content.  These other agreements shall have no bearing on or relation to this agreement.
  28. At no time shall any contributor in any way share their username, password or any other security information provided by Transport Evolved.  And such action shall be considered a breach of trust and will be pursued to the full extent of the law.
  29. In using the service, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Transport Evolved LLC, its employees, directors from any and all actual or alleged claims, demands, causes of action, liability, loss, damage and/or injury to persons or property arising out any acts, omissions, negligence or misconduct.

Any and all access accounts determined to have been compromised through sharing, hacking, or system security breach will be immediately terminated without warning.  Transport Evolved is under no obligation to reinstate any user account after it or any associated person has been compromised.


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