Sponsorship and TransportEvolved

Thank you for considering Transport Evolved as a host for your advertising needs.

At Transport Evolved we feel that advertisers can play a role in supporting our site however, we have chosen to move away from the traditional advertiser sponsored approach. We no longer accept paid advertising inventory and, we continue to view paid editorials as inappropriate content for our audience.

How can I take advantage of Transport Evolved’s reach to promote my product or service?

Transport Evolved is an emerging news network staffed by trained journalists and specialists in the automotive field. The network targets affluent, well educated, auto / technology / green enthusiasts and seeks to become the definitive resource for enthusiasts, investors and decision makers though the coming transportation evolution.

We serve to provide our readers with interesting and informative news and reviews and, that includes product and service reviews. We’d love to test and try out your products and services. In return we’ll deliver a detailed and honest report featuring your product and, as we’re known for our unbiased approach to news, it will be a review that our readers can trust.

If this sounds like a good idea, please contact us to discuss:

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