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Consumer Reports: Dealerships Don’t Understand, Like Electric Cars

Is the Silent Pulling Away of the Volt Too Much for Some Moviegoers?
April 22, 2014
Have you ever visited a car dealership with the intent of buying an electric car, only to find the last thing the salesperson wants to sell you is an ...

Thought of the Day: Range or Price? (Nikki, April 22, 2014)

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 14.19.30
April 22, 2014
Nikki responds to Mark's thoughts from last week about EV Holidays and asks what's more important: EV range, or EV price?

Staff Car Report: Nissan LEAF Loses its First Capacity After 3 Years, 52.8k Miles

IMG_1670 - Version 2
April 22, 2014
Ageing, like bills, birthdays, taxes and death, comes to us all. While the middle two might only apply to us humans, battery packs know all about a...

SpyShots: Tesla’s First UK Model S Supercharger Site

IMG_1672 - Version 2
April 21, 2014
Serendipity is a wonderful thing, especially when you happen to have some form of camera with you. So we had to rejoice a little when we encountere...

Nissan: We’re Debating Larger Battery Packs for LEAF Electric Car

Is your car's telematics system set up for maximum security?
April 21, 2014
Do customers want a longer-range Nissan LEAF? And how much would they pay for it? These are two very important questions Nissan is trying to answe...

Transport Evolved Heads to Germany, Switzerland for All-Electric WAVE!

Header Photo
April 21, 2014
Here at Transport Evolved, we like to spend as much time behind the wheel of plug-in cars as possible, usually with the intent of providing you, our r...

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