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Guest Post: Celebrating National Drive Electric Week in a 2012 Toyota Rav4 EV Electric Car

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September 18, 2014
In case you hadn't heard, this week is National Drive Electric Week, a week-long celebration across North America intended to educate and celebrate th...

Google’s Self-Driving Car Program Collects a Total of 25 Permits in California

Self-driving Lexus Hybrid
September 18, 2014
Yesterday, we brought you news that Audi, Mercedes-Benz and software giant Google were the first companies to apply to the state of California for aut...

Fresh From Mass. Victory, Tesla Tackles New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission in Court

Auto dealer associations in Georgia claim Tesla's auto dealer licenses were incorrectly obtained
September 18, 2014
A Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling earlier this week in favour of California electric automaker Tesla Motors may have given Tesla Motors an...

Chicago Makes a Dirty Job Cleaner With All-Electric Garbage Truck

September 17, 2014
You pay hard earned taxes towards their upkeep, rely on them to take your kerbside offerings away every week, and probably curse their clattering, smo...

How Much Will the Tesla Model ≡ Electric Car Cost? Analyst Disagrees With Tesla’s $35,000 Promise

The Tesla Model ≡ will come with some self-driving technology, says Tesla CEO Elon Musk
September 17, 2014
With a promised range in excess of 200 miles, Supercharger capability, and even the possibility os some autonomous drive technology fitted as standard...

Life After Better Place: Renault’s Fluence Z.E. Electric Car Heads to China

September 17, 2014
Like a cat with nine lives, Renault's five-seat Fluence Z.E. electric car -- which ultimately ended European production after poor sales and the bank...

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