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T.E.N. Future Transport News 29 August 2014: VW e-Golf, Tesla Rental, Furry Fun

August 29, 2014
Welcome to T.E.N! Short for Transport Evolved News, T.E.N. is recorded every Friday to help your weekend get off to a flying start by making sure you ...

Why Google’s Self-Driving Cars Aren’t Ready for Market Yet

Self-driving Lexus Hybrid
August 28, 2014
They can tear around a prepared autocross course, tackle urban streets and even drive on the freeway -- but don't think that Google self-driving cars ...

Thermopower Promises New Way to Power Electric Cars Without Battery Packs

Professor Strano
August 28, 2014
Traditional internal combustion engined cars are noisy, complex and inefficient, wasting a lot of the energy from the fuel they consume as noise and h...

Want to Rent a Tesla Model S in the UK? Now You Can: For £350 ($580) Per Day

August 28, 2014
With the largest battery pack of any production electric vehicle on the market today, super-swift acceleration and the kind of timeless looks that dra...

National Drive Electric Week Will Be The Biggest Yet, Say Organisers

Are you ready for National Drive Electric Week?
August 28, 2014
It's official: the 4th Annual National Drive Electric Week, organised by U.S. plug-in car advocacy group Plug In America and the Sierra Club,  will ...

California’s Low-Income Electric Car Incentive Bill On Track to Become Law

SB1275 wants to make electric cars more affordable for those who really need them in the state of California
August 28, 2014
California's well-known plug-in car incentive program designed to get more Californians behind the wheel of an electric car or plug-in hybrid, current...

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